Long time ago people don’t need to use phot shops or any applications that could enhance their photos. People knew the basic of photography 

flash loan exploits  before. They need to study and practice to get the perfect shots and angles of the model. Remembering before, people would invest in having a good quality camera and even a desktop or computer to edit and create a very good result. The same thing with photo booth ideas, they don’t need much anything to create so much effects to the pictures.  


Nowadays, people would prefer to have smartphones as they could take great pictures and send a message at the same time. Teenagers now are putting too much money on buying expensive phones as they believe that it would help them in many convenient ways. For example, taking pictures clearly and use an application that could instantly make your pics as good as possible. There could be a lot of tricks and hacks in order for you to manage this kind of beautiful outcome.  

  • You may use the lines to maintain a perfect shot. In your mobile phone there is a part in the settings that you could use a grid line. If you’re that person who is not capable of looking the perfect angle of a subject, you may use this one to balance and definitely take the view properly. The lines are composed vertical and horizontal.  
  • LOOK FOR A GOOD SUBJECT AND FOCUS IN IT: If you are starting to explore many things about your phone. You could try to practice by focusing on one thig first. You may use landscape or portraits view to see of the possible differences and which could be better. After that, you may use some of your installed apps and navigate it.  
  • INCLUDE ALL THE BACKGROUND STUFF: You can’t always concentrate in one thing only when you are capturing the image. You need to make sure that everything is in the right place even if it is just a background of your subject. For example, taking a closer look of something in an empty location would definitely get the attention of your viewers.  
  • CREATE SOMETHING UNUSUAL: Let your imagination play an important role in this field. You may consider using different kinds of props or objects to let your main focus to stand out.  
  • REFLECTING WAY OF TAKING PICTURES: This way, you already used your mind to create something visual. You could use the water or the river and get the reflection of the flower or the sky. Or possible there could be a huge mirror and then try to play every corner of it. It would give you an amazing image.  
  • DON’T BE AFRAID TO TRY DIFFERENT EFFECTS ON COLORS: Colors could be a very good point of having photography but you can play with it. You can just use the application of grayscale for example to defect a story in your masterpiece.  
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