Big Mistakes You Are Making with Your Air Conditioning Unit

Summer heat records keep yielding under the strain of the rising global temperatures – a trend which hits your house figuratively and literally, when you receive your air conditioning bill every month. Unfortunately, mistakes you are making with your air conditioning unit can be undercutting its safety, effectiveness and efficiency. The following are some of the most usual errors homeowners make when talking about home air conditioning unit and some simple adjustments which can save your wallet and physical health condition:

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1. You are Not Cleaning or Changing Your Air Conditioning Filters

At the lowest, you must change your AC filter on your central air conditioner once every 3 months and as frequent as once per month if your unit is operating all the time,

Ignore this chore, and a dusty as well as dirty air filter can result to freezing up or poor air flow. As a matter of fact, a dirty air filter could increase 5 to 15 percent to your monthly air conditioning bill and will decrease the life of your entire unit. Luckily, replacements of broken filters are very inexpensive – usually costing 10 dollars. If you have split AC system, there should also be a panel on your AC system which will allow you to do cleaning or wipe off the dirty fallen using a rag – a replacement will not be necessary.

2. You are Not Having Your AC Unit Serviced Yearly

You could look up video tutorials online about cleaning the fins and coils of your air conditioning unit – needed maintenance services which keep your unit up and operating properly. In addition to that, you may also bring in a professional and highly experienced ac repair Boca Raton professional to maintain your AC unit once per year.

3. You Do Not Have a Thermostat That is Programmable

Maybe you are one of those homeowners who always recalls to adjust the AC thermostat prior to leaving your home. However, if you are like everyone else, a programmable AC thermostat can save thousands of your annual monthly power bill by automatically increasing the temperature at those moments of the day when you are away from home or at work. Newer phone-controllable smart AC thermostats make programming even easier.

4. You are Setting Your AC Thermostat Too Low

Research shows that a human body can adapt cool or hot temps very fast – like within at least a week or more. When you consider you will cut for 3 percent off your monthly air conditioning bill for every level you raise the temp – aside from the potential environmental advantages of decreasing your air conditioning unit use.

5. You Are Not Taking Advantage of Fans

Any kind of fan but except the ceiling fans, can definitely help keep the cool air circulating all throughout a certain area. That takes away a few burdens from your AC unit. Just make sure that your ceiling fans are spinning counterclockwise during the summer season, that promotes greater air flow, as well.

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