Common Causes of Thumping Noise from Dryers

Before concluding the issue as a dryer repair problem, you have to make sure that you already check for balled up or twisted clothing.  Try to rearrange your load to guarantee that the clothing could freely spin in the drum. However, if the noise is still there, it could indicate that there’s an issue going on with your dryer. Once a drying makes thumping noise, there are several things that can be wrong. Here are some of the most typical causes of dryer noises and their probable solutions: 

Worn rollers 

Once a dryer is creating a thumping noise or a loud squealing sound, it is probably because its rollers are of worn down. The rollers are made to follow along with the dryer’s drum while it rotates. While the rollers wear down, the link between the rollers and drum is compromised. With not rollers that glide along with the drum, you get the thumping sound or loud squealing while the drum spins. If this happens, immediately contact a local dryer repair Calgary professional to evaluate and change your dryer rollers.  


Flattened rollers 

A dryer that’s sat idle may have slightly flattened their rollers in the resting position. The thumping noise can be due to the flat spot while the drum spins. Once the flat area is not that serious, then let the dryer to run in order for the roller to take back their original shape. If this does not answer your issue then you should contact a dryer repair company ASAP.  


Damaged belt 

Once the roller does not seem to be worn, then the issue may be a damaged or frayed belt. Majority of the technicians would change the rollers and belt simultaneously to make sure that your dryer won’t breakdown shortly after repairing it. Part manufacturers market dryer repair kits, which is usually composed of dryer belt, idler pulley, and rollers. Manufacturers suggest replacing all of these items simultaneously. 


Requires new drum bearings 

If your dryer is squeaky or squeals as it spins, you must check to know whether it requires a new bearing. Either a drum bearing would be a ball=an-socket type or a shaft connected to a sleeve bushing. However, it would be at the back of the drum. 


Eroded drum slides or glides 

If you can hear a scraping sound while the drum of your dryer spins, then your dryer could have eroded glides. The glides are linings that support the drum of a gas dryer or the outside of an electric dryer drum. They are nylon, plastic, or Teflon sometimes backed with felt or cork. They are commonly situated outside the front part of the drum on each side. You could check whether the glides have eroded by removing the cabinet of the dryer. Eroded glides could leave the drums to jam against metals. In order to discover how to install them and know what the appropriate set of replacement glides are, you can look for the model number into the search box. 


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