Big Mistakes You Are Making with Your Air Conditioning Unit

Summer heat records keep yielding under the strain of the rising global temperatures – a trend which hits your house figuratively and literally, when you receive your air conditioning bill every month. Unfortunately, mistakes you are making with your air conditioning unit can be undercutting its safety, effectiveness and efficiency. The following are some of the most usual errors homeowners make when talking about home air conditioning unit and some simple adjustments which can save your wallet and physical health condition:

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1. You are Not Cleaning or Changing Your Air Conditioning Filters

At the lowest, you must change your AC filter on your central air conditioner once every 3 months and as frequent as once per month if your unit is operating all the time,

Ignore this chore, and a dusty as well as dirty air filter can result to freezing up or poor air flow. As a matter of fact, a dirty air filter could increase 5 to 15 percent to your monthly air conditioning bill and will decrease the life of your entire unit. Luckily, replacements of broken filters are very inexpensive – usually costing 10 dollars. If you have split AC system, there should also be a panel on your AC system which will allow you to do cleaning or wipe off the dirty fallen using a rag – a replacement will not be necessary.

2. You are Not Having Your AC Unit Serviced Yearly

You could look up video tutorials online about cleaning the fins and coils of your air conditioning unit – needed maintenance services which keep your unit up and operating properly. In addition to that, you may also bring in a professional and highly experienced ac repair Boca Raton professional to maintain your AC unit once per year.

3. You Do Not Have a Thermostat That is Programmable

Maybe you are one of those homeowners who always recalls to adjust the AC thermostat prior to leaving your home. However, if you are like everyone else, a programmable AC thermostat can save thousands of your annual monthly power bill by automatically increasing the temperature at those moments of the day when you are away from home or at work. Newer phone-controllable smart AC thermostats make programming even easier.

4. You are Setting Your AC Thermostat Too Low

Research shows that a human body can adapt cool or hot temps very fast – like within at least a week or more. When you consider you will cut for 3 percent off your monthly air conditioning bill for every level you raise the temp – aside from the potential environmental advantages of decreasing your air conditioning unit use.

5. You Are Not Taking Advantage of Fans

Any kind of fan but except the ceiling fans, can definitely help keep the cool air circulating all throughout a certain area. That takes away a few burdens from your AC unit. Just make sure that your ceiling fans are spinning counterclockwise during the summer season, that promotes greater air flow, as well.

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No matter what your purposes are, it is very important that you know how to get along with others in order for you to make a good and nice negotiation process. Whether you are thinking of purchasing or getting a house, paying your overdue bills and even with a little talk with your manager to approve your leave of vacation. It is necessary that you have a proper way of communicating with them. Especially if you are a salesman and you want to reach your daily quota or goal. You need to have those basic to complex negotiating strategy to get more clients and have a good and excellent record with the company. Even if you are an ordinary person and not that very type of person as the expert negotiator, you can still get some great deals if you know how to play the games well. When you meet this kind of problem, all you have to do is try your best to be more comfortable even if it is not. You have some gestures to remove those unwanted feelings and nervousness that you are feeling. Here are some of the proper ways of negotiating things and become an expert in the future.  

  1. If you are the third party or the representative of the line. Make sure you will study every key point there. You don’t want to end agreeing to something in which you really don’t like their proposal and that would be a not so good sign of your capability. You have to make sure that everything will be settled and put in place before you sign a deal. You need to know how things can be properly done without sacrificing your client’s status.  
  2. Try to weight things, we all know that this is how the business industry revolves but of course you have to think about the things and stuff. Is it considered worthy or not? 
  3. One of the common mistakes that people do is that they put things in a rush. They want everything to be fine immediately or to agree with their decision. You need to have a lot of patience in order for you to win the negotiation process. There would be a lot of positive things that you can get if you know how to negotiate with the things you know you can handle well.  
  4. Even an expert would need a thorough planning. This will help you with the possible things that may surprise you during the time that you are having the negotiation with your clients. You have to think about the pros and cons of both sides.  
  5. If you could bring something to prove a specific thing then that would be fine. It would really show that you are ready and prepared for this kind of situation.  
  6. If you are not satisfied and both of you didn’t agree to some point. That is fine to walk away or to accept the fact that the deal would not push through anymore.  
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4 Tips When Trimming Trees  

Trimming or pruning is a necessary step in maintaining the health of your tree. Doing so improves the tree’s structural strength while also enhancing its appearance, maintaining its health, and increasing its value. If you want to know if your tree needs trimming, let an arborists take a look at it and provide you with a professional assessment.  

 When Trimming Trees

Tree pruning is needed to remove weak, dead, crossing, or decayed branches. You’ll also need this service if you want to get rid of the lower branches of the tree to improve visibility or so they won’t get out of the way of vehicles and passers-by.  

Get Professional Tree Trimming 

While you may trim your tree yourself, it’s still best to let the professionals handle the job. Professionals have all the tools needed, especially safety gear. Tree trimming is a job for the experts and there’s no getting around that. Doing the job yourself may mean endangering yourself.  

If your tree is quite small and you can manage to prune it without climbing up the branches, then you may possibly do the job yourself. Simply follow these tips and tricks so you’re fully guided.  

  1. Prune or trim trees during the dormant season. 

There’s really no harm in pruning the tree regardless of what season it is but the dormant season is still the best because you’re actually preparing the tree to bloom later on in the year. But if the trimming can’t wait another day, then do the job as soon as possible.  

  1. Trim only the shorter branches. 

Ideally, you should only trim branches that have a length of less than 5 centimeters. Anything longer than that is already a big and strong branch that it can stand on its own. This is why you need to trim branches regularly. Remove them before they grow really long. If you have a good reason to remove branches that are over 10 centimeters long, you better call the professionals.  

  1. Trim weak, narrow, and oddly shaped branches. 

When you look at your tree, look for branches that seem to be not as strong as the others. You want to remove them because they’re consuming the tree’s resources but are not adding to its strength and stability. Keep trees following a U-shaped angle and do away with the ones that are V-shaped.  

  1. Prune a branch at the desired length. 

Do not trim a branch too long or too close. Don’t leave a large stub on the trunk of the tree and don’t remove branch collars instead. Trim branches at the right length so the tree can continue growing laterally.  

If you need more help on how to properly trim or prune trees, seek the help of expert service providers. You’re going to need arborists for the job because they are the professionals who are mostly tasked to provide this type of services. Hire only qualified professionals who are duly licensed, insured, and bonded. You deserve to be served by the most reputable company that offers tree trimming Kansas City Missouri 

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Fire is very important for us when it comes to doing and making a lot of things. We need it when we cook our delicious meals and dishes. We might need to burn the wood in the chimney to give us heat during the winter season. For some men, they would use it for their cigarettes to smoke. We boil water for our coffee by using the fire in the stove. But the contrary to this is that it can lose the house of a family in a minute and even destroy the lives of some people. Without the proper learning and mindset in using the fire, it could let to burning the house and buildings and even the forest that we have in our countryside. Many people would lose their homes and could kill innocent people in a snap of a moment. So, proper education about this one would help to save a lot of people. You should know the fires are not only coming from the lighter or matches or with the fires that some kids are playing with. Based on the website, it shows that many building and houses that are burnt are due to some causes. That is why people are advised to give more care about what they are doing and try to be more careful when it comes to using the things in our houses. No one wants to experience this but we could not do anything about it once it started all you can do is to prevent yourself from doing things that might cause this. Here are some of the common reasons of building and house fire. 


  1. The number cause of the house fire based on the investigation has happened in the kitchen. Some forgot that they are cooking something or they turn the fire to the highest level and forgot to think about what it may result. Make sure that when you are cooking something in your house. You have to be there and try to attend to it. Try to avoid the towel and papers to be near to the fire in the kitchen. It can start the fire. 
  2. Too many appliances being used at home can actually result to short circuit. Overload in one circuit could cause electric shocks and may end it up to causing a fire in your house.  
  3. Some might not think that a simple cigarette can cause and destroy a home. Don’t throw your cigarette buttes everywhere and anywhere. Make sure that there is no fire in it anymore before you put it in the trash can.  
  4. Leaving the candles unattended and overnight in your living room or bedroom may turn into a nightmare. Especially if it is too close to papers or newspaper on the table and your desk is made up of wood.  
  5. Most of the children and younger kids don’t know what they are doing. Sometimes, they would play with the lighter and matches and they throw it to the sofa or anywhere that may cause explosion and fire.  
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How to Make the Office Comfortable 

If you are the boss, it’s your responsibility to make the workspace comfortable for you employees. No one wants to work in an office where there is too much noise and the temperature is not comfortable. If you’re the employee, you can also improve your office. There are people who look forward in going to their respective offices. If you want to make your workspace an inviting and peaceful one, do the following tips.  

1. Clean Your Space 

Nothing makes your workspace an uncomfortable area than the mess and dirt around. Clutter can create a lot of distractions. Aside from the space that it’s taking up, your mind is distracted, and you think about something else instead of your work. Clean the walls, surfaces and floors of any extraneous item. Display what needs to be displayed. As much as possible, clean your area before you leave for the day, so you arrive on a pleasant workspace the next morning.  

2. Think of Making it More Attractive 

People can work well in an attractive office. So, think of aesthetics you can incorporate with the existing color of the space. Create harmony with draperies, furnishings and colors that encourages you to work instead of distracting you. Invest in the services offered by to make your office more attractive. Invest in a functional and comfortable office chair. You can also add a touch of home, like putting up a frame, pillow, picture or any decoration of your choice.  

3. Get the Wires Under Control 

Wires get annoying, we have lots of those in our office. Ignoring them will only worsen the situation. The best way to stop this from being a nuisance in your workspace is to organize them. Tie them up under the desk, label them or find a creative way to organize them. The wires can be turned into an artwork.  

4. Organize a System 

You can reduce the clutter in your office by creating a system. If you’re comfortable with color coding the folders and files, you can do so. Establish a routine for taking breaks, checking emails, returning calls and others. Follow the “touch it once” system where you touch one thing and decide what to do with it. Do you file that piece of paper, trash it, toss it or shred it.  

5. Set a Comfortable Temperature 

Another factor that distracts us from working is the temperature of the workspace. It it’s too cold or too hot, you can’t work properly. This will lead to unproductiveness. Set the temperature that makes you comfortable. If you’re sharing a working space with others, set the temperature agreed by everyone. You can get yourself a portable heater or fan if you’re not contented.  

6. Brighten the Space 

Invest in proper lighting that entices your will to work. Poor lighting can have a negative effect on your behavior, mood and productivity. As much as possible, your office should have a natural lighting. Then if it’s possible for you, invest in interesting functional light fixtures.  

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How to Prevent Roofing Problems 

Replacing the roof is not cheap. Also, it is not that easy. However, staying ahead of tiny issues that could lead to much greater issues in the future could help you prevent spending a lot of money for repairs.  

Roofing Problems

Here are several routine steps you could follow to help avoid issues and improve the lifespan of your roof. 

  • Replace Problem Tiles or Shingles 

Examine the roof and replace any missing, cracked, or broken tiles or shingles at once. The shingles protect the layer of waterproof of the roof. Exposing the shingles to the sun could cause the layer of waterproof to deteriorate. This enables moisture to enter the house. 

  • Examine the Seals around Overhangs 

Each house has at least several pipes or vents that comes from the interior of the house up through the roof. Also, few have gas appliance exhaust pipes, chimneys, or skylights. Typically, either a rubber boot or metal flashing is utilized around the base of those to create a seal and maintain the water out. Oftentimes, the combination of the two is used. Examine to make sure the seals are in great shape. This means that they have no signs of damage from squirrels or other pests, lifted edges, or cracks. In addition to that, check also for cracks in the chimney, especially around the joints and the top where it meets the roof.  

  • Keep Off Debris of your Rooftop 

Do not let leaves, branches, or other debris gather on the roof. They could hold moisture and cause the roof to rot.  

  • Mind the Valleys and Ridges 

Valleys and ridges are where the plane of the roof changes. Be extra careful not to let debris collect in these places. In addition to that, make sure that the shingles in these areas correctly overlap and that there are no holes or tears in your underlayment. 

  • Check for Overall Health 

Day after day, the roof takes a lot of beating. In the future, it would wear out and require to be replaced. Look for signs of soft spots, brittle shingles, and dry shingles in the sub-roofing materials and other noticeable tear, wear, and age.  

  • Check the Attic 

Moisture in your attic is a sure sign of issue. Examine for moldy or wet insulation, signs of moisture or water in the wooden underside of the roof, musty smell in the air, or a noticeable mildew or mold. 

According to a lot of professionals, roofs are often ignored until huge problems arise. Oftentimes, the roof has to be fully replaced at that point. In the roof management program, roof system maintenance is frequently the most neglected aspect, even though it is the most significant factor. 

It is best that you call Rapid City roofing if you notice any of the issues above, or just do not feel at east climbing up on the roof. Calling a professional is a wise move, especially if it has been a long time since you contacted one.  

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Long time ago people don’t need to use phot shops or any applications that could enhance their photos. People knew the basic of photography before. They need to study and practice to get the perfect shots and angles of the model. Remembering before, people would invest in having a good quality camera and even a desktop or computer to edit and create a very good result. The same thing with photo booth ideas, they don’t need much anything to create so much effects to the pictures.  


Nowadays, people would prefer to have smartphones as they could take great pictures and send a message at the same time. Teenagers now are putting too much money on buying expensive phones as they believe that it would help them in many convenient ways. For example, taking pictures clearly and use an application that could instantly make your pics as good as possible. There could be a lot of tricks and hacks in order for you to manage this kind of beautiful outcome.  

  • You may use the lines to maintain a perfect shot. In your mobile phone there is a part in the settings that you could use a grid line. If you’re that person who is not capable of looking the perfect angle of a subject, you may use this one to balance and definitely take the view properly. The lines are composed vertical and horizontal.  
  • LOOK FOR A GOOD SUBJECT AND FOCUS IN IT: If you are starting to explore many things about your phone. You could try to practice by focusing on one thig first. You may use landscape or portraits view to see of the possible differences and which could be better. After that, you may use some of your installed apps and navigate it.  
  • INCLUDE ALL THE BACKGROUND STUFF: You can’t always concentrate in one thing only when you are capturing the image. You need to make sure that everything is in the right place even if it is just a background of your subject. For example, taking a closer look of something in an empty location would definitely get the attention of your viewers.  
  • CREATE SOMETHING UNUSUAL: Let your imagination play an important role in this field. You may consider using different kinds of props or objects to let your main focus to stand out.  
  • REFLECTING WAY OF TAKING PICTURES: This way, you already used your mind to create something visual. You could use the water or the river and get the reflection of the flower or the sky. Or possible there could be a huge mirror and then try to play every corner of it. It would give you an amazing image.  
  • DON’T BE AFRAID TO TRY DIFFERENT EFFECTS ON COLORS: Colors could be a very good point of having photography but you can play with it. You can just use the application of grayscale for example to defect a story in your masterpiece.  
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